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Cotoneaster glaucophyllus

Common Name: Cotoneaster - Bright Bead Cotoneaster
Cotoneaster glaucophyllus

Evergreen shrub with grey-green leaves on arching branches. Blooms white flowers in summer. Clumps of red berries are produced after flowering. Plant in sun to partial shade in well drained soil.

Characteristics & Attributes

Plant TypeBloom ColorBloom Time
Shrubs - Broad Leaved EvergreenWhite Late May
1-1.8m (3-6ft)Zone 5-8
ExposureSoil MoistureFoilage Color
Sun to Partial ShadeModerateGreen
Soil TypeAttributes
Well drained soilRock garden, Hedge, Massing
*Attracts Birds
*Attracts Bees
*Deer Resistant