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Isolepis cernua

Common Name: Fiber Optic Grass
Isolepis cernua

Clumping cool season grass. Forms a wig-like mound of narrow green, hairlike foliage with an arching habit. White flowers form at the leaf tips, giving an effect much like the fiber optic lights.

Plant Care: For more information on Ornamental Grass Care see our Grass care page

Characteristics & Attributes

Plant TypeBloom ColorBloom Time
Grasses - Ornamental
Aquatic Plants
White All season
26cm (6-10inches)26cm (6-10inches)Zone 8-10
ExposureSoil MoistureFoilage Color
Sun to partial shadeAmpleGreen
Soil TypeAttributes
Evenly moist soil and will even tolerate constantly wet soil in a bog or beside a water.Use as an indoor plant. Waterside. Used as fillers or specimens, border plants or background plantings, or they may be grown as container plants.